​Hillary Clinton on making "what appears to be impossible, possible"

Pauley asked Clinton about Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Vice President Joe Biden, who had counseled against the proposed special forces operation in which al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was located and killed.

Hillary Clinton on whether Chelsea will run for office

"Yes. There was a very legitimate difference of opinion," she said. "This was a hard choice. And when the time came, we're in the Situation Room. I happened to recommend that it go forward, and that [Mr. Obama] make that decision. But I was fully aware that he could be riding his presidency on it."

"Your presidency was on the line, too," Pauley laughed. "Let's assume."

"Only hypothetically," Clinton said.

"Let's assume hypothetically. Your potential presidency would have been on the line, too."

"But at that point, I was very much in the mindset, I'm not gonna run, I am ruling it out. And so that never crossed my mind."

There are plenty of other things to think about these days. For example, her daughter.

Pauley asked, " How's Chelsea? Is she having a good pregnancy?"

"Yes. And I could not be happier for her or her wonderful husband, and for Bill and me."

Hillary Clinton remembered by Wellesley classmate

But clearly, being a grandmother is not all that's on her mind; Hillary Clinton is weighing another run for president.

"I'm not yet kind of making the list that I like I do, the pros and cons," she said. "I'm just sort of living my life and seeing how it all feels to me."

"And asked every single day?"


"President Clinton told somebody who was with us in this room, personally, 'Hillary says everyone's sick of the Clintons.' Is that how you feel?"

"Well, a lot of people have said that besides me," Clinton laughed. "That wouldn't influence my decision one way or the other, because I think the voters have to the right to choose whoever they want."

Clinton: Some Benghazi questioners "only showed up for the cameras"

Pauley asked if health were an issue. "No," Clinton said. "For me, personally, no, thankfully. I fell on my head and got a concussion, and worked through the, you know, lingering affects of dizziness and double vision. That's all gone, and I'm 100%."

And then there's Benghazi.

"Your explanation," said Pauley, "will never satisfy everyone."

"As I write, this was in the fog of war," Clinton said. "And there were a lot of confusing pieces of information flooding into us from the very first moment. We did our best to sort it out. I did my best to fully cooperate with the Congress. I respect the Congress's oversight responsibility. But there's a difference between unanswered questions and unlistened-to answers."