Highlights from 60 Minutes' interview with Joe Biden

The former vice president defends his son Hunter's Ukraine dealings and answers for his gaffes in the 60 Minutes interview

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Why hasn't President Obama endorsed Joe Biden?

Why hasn't Obama endorsed Joe Biden? 01:00

"I want to earn this on my own." Joe Biden tells 60 Minutes he asked President Obama not to endorse him in his run for White House.

Joe Biden on Medicare for All and taxes

Joe Biden on "Medicare for All" and taxes 02:25

"Nobody's going to say how they're going to pay." Joe Biden dismisses his opponents' plans to provide Medicare for All.

"He's an idiot." Joe Biden on President Trump's response to foreign election interference

Biden blasts Trump on election interference 00:45

Joe Biden says President Trump is perpetuating and encouraging foreign interference in American elections. The former vice president calls President Trump "an idiot" for saying Russian election interference is a hoax.

"He did not do a single thing wrong." Joe Biden on his son's business ties in Ukraine

Biden answers for his son's Ukraine dealings 01:12

Joe Biden says his son, Hunter, did nothing wrong when he was paid to serve on the board of a Ukrainian gas company while his father was vice president and overseeing U.S. policy in Ukraine.

Jill Biden says she doesn't worry about her husband's campaign gaffes

The Bidens on Joe's campaign gaffes 01:22

"I don't worry about the gaffes. And, you know what, the American people know who Joe Biden is," Jill Biden says about her husband's performance in primary debates.

Joe Biden on what it would take for Senate Republicans to remove President Trump

Biden on odds Senate Republicans remove Trump... 01:33

"Eight years of Donald Trump will fundamentally change the nature of who we are as a country." Joe Biden makes the case for what's at stake in 2020 and what Republicans senators would need to hear from constituents before voting to remove the president.