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Hiding Under Her Hair No More

In The Early Show makeover series in Las Vegas, stylist David Evangelista has performed yet another transformation.

While wandering along the Grand Canal of The Venetian, he caught a glimpse of Gayle Whitlock, a CPA and 41-year-old mother of three from Lake Ridge, Va., (just outside of Washington, D.C.).

She was walking with her husband Bennett, her two sons (Andrew, age 11, and Ben, age 15) and her daughter (Brooke, age 8). The family had just arrived in Las Vegas on Monday and was leaving on Wednesday afternoon, so when Evangelista first approached Gayle Whitlock, she said she wouldn't have the time for a makeover. However, when her entire family told her flat out that she needed a makeover, she agreed.

With Brooke in tow, Evangelista and Gayle Whitlock ran off to the salon at the Canyon Ranch Spa Club for a day of beauty.

First, Evangelista cut a lot of the bulk out of her hair and gave her a short, choppy, pixie hairdo.

He tells co-anchor Julie Chen, "I saw this great mound of hair I need to get my hands into and create something great. I mean, Gayle is such a beautiful woman. She was hiding under all that hair. We cut it short."

Canyon Ranch's colorist, Michael, darkened her base color, and added caramel highlights all over her head. "Amazing like sun-kissed golden highlights that matched the short, shaggy haircut," adds Evangelista.

This was followed by Canyon Ranch's makeup artist, Paul Fisher. He gave Whitlock a light smoky eye, and mixed a personalized wand of lip-gloss in a soft pink tone that suited the rest of her makeup perfectly.

Finally, Evangelista was off to Leore to find the perfect outfit for Whitlock. He opted for a sultry, sexy black gown that fits her size 2 frame unbelievably.

Throughout the day, Whitlock was more and more surprised as each process went on. She says she adores her new haircut, loves the new color, and is wild about her makeup.

She says, "It was like Cinderella yesterday to have the finest of the very best in the country working on me. It was such a treat. It's really been fun. I hardly recognize myself when I catch myself in the mirror."

Her family was just as impressed with the new look - her husband says she has never looked more beautiful, and her sons and daughter agree as well.

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