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March is National Women's History Month, part of an effort to highlight female heroes of the past and present.

Joining in the celebration, we offer a small sample of the many personalities and events that make up Women's History. Locate pioneers and milestones on the Women's History Timeline. Find activities in your area with our Interactive Map of Events. Hear in Real Audio what prominent women say about past progress and future challenges: In Her Own Words.

A group of women in Northern California created Woman's History Week in 1978, and the concept quickly spread across the country, culminating as a congressional resolution in 1987 which named March as National Women's History Month.

History is not a static concept. It is alive and mutable. We have the power to change history, both how it is made and how it is remembered, by including all the players on the program.

Written by Curtis Grisham with graphic design by Jerry Donnelly

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