HealthPop video: Heart-starting device puts stop to sex?

Middle-aged women who drink two or more sodas a day increase their risk of heart disease; Also, twice-annual visits to get your teeth professionally cleaned lower the risk of heart attack and stroke; And, many patients with defibrillators have trouble enjoying sex.

(CBS) Are soft drinks dangerous? Folks have heard it all before when it comes to sugary soda, but a surprising new study suggests women who chug two sodas per day significantly up their risk for heart disease.

But that's not the only new study on out-of-the-ordinary risk factors for heart disease. Another study suggests people who get their semi-annual teeth cleanings are less likely to have a heart attack or stroke compared to folks who shun dentists.

Speaking of heart health, some patients are fitted with implantable defibrillators that provide an electrical jolt when it detects an abnormal heart beat. But scientists report that these devices can get in the way of another heart-palpitating to guess which one?

HealthPop's new video series has the details on all three studies in its latest installment. See for yourself!