Heads Up: Sales 2.0 Conference in Chicago

Last Updated Sep 2, 2009 3:28 PM EDT

Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up about the Sales 2.0 Conference in Chicago on September 10th. As with the conference in Boston, I'll be tehre, and blogging live, so you can get the "breaking" news as it happens.

I'm mentioning this because, last time, readers of the Boston Sales 2.0 Conference post were the first to learn about Dr. Oldroyd's groundbreaking research on the timing of cold calling, probably the most important data ever presented at a sales-oriented conference. (See "What's the Best Time to Cold Call?")

The Sales 2.0 conference are very different from any other technology conference. Rather than vendor pitches, they feature actual sales professionals and managers who are using the latest technology. In Boston, for example, there wasn't a single vendor employee at my table. All were customers, all with great stories about what worked (and what didn't work) with the new sales tech.

The Chicago conference looks especially "tasty" with panelists ranging from the Director of Global Lead Generation from Molex (the supplier of most of the world's electrical connectors -- one of those high tech giants you never knew about) and the Manager of Commissions at Motorola (they're using advanced form of commission management to increase sales performance).

So the Sales 2.0 conference features USEFUL information about technology that actualy makes it easier to sell. As you probably know, the conference is co-sponsored by SellingPower magazine, which publishes a lot of my non-BNET writing.

If you're coming to the conference, be sure to find me and introduce yourself! And if you're not going to make it, check out the September 10th blog post throughout the day. I'll give you the breaking news... as it happens.