He Who Lives By The Bomb . . .

With swarms of federal agents descending on Danville, Illinois, CBS News has learned that Richard Shotts, the man killed in Thursday's garage explosion, is believed to have masterminded last weekend's bombing at the Assembly of God church.

Thirty-four worshippers were injured in that blast, but agents have not yet linked the explosion to one last December, at a church in a nearby town that killed a volunteer.

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and the FBI are questioning scores of people in this farm belt community of 34,000 on the chance there were co-conspirators. Residents have been left uneasy about the possibility of another explosion.

Federal agents reportedly searched a property owned by Shotts in Florida where material hinting at his involvement in a satanic cult was among the evidence seized. Agents want to know if the bombings were a conspiracy, or just the work of one sick mind.

Little is known about Richard Shotts, but here is what investigators have learned.

  • Shotts was about 40 and lived with his mother in Danville.
  • Out of high school, he enlisted in the Army.
  • He was arrested for unlawful use of a weapon in 1986.
  • Three times, he received treatment in the psychiatric ward at a veterans' hospital in Danville.
Late Thursday, fearing investigators were getting too close, Shotts blew himself up. His death is believed to have been either by accident -- while trying to hide an explosive -- or a suicide plot, moments before police arrived at his door with questions about the bombings.

Federal agents are still looking for answers, but so far, no arrests.

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