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'Hawks Tab Joey Franchise Player

Joey Galloway won his free agent case against the Seattle Seahawks today and the team said it planned to name him its franchise player.

Seahawks general manager-coach Mike Holmgren then is expected to try to trade the wide receiver for the two first-round draft picks a player with that designation requires. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins are reportedly interested in acquiring Galloway.

Galloway was declared an unrestricted free agent by arbitrator Nick Pumas in Washington, D.C.

His status was in dispute because the Seahawks and the NFL Management Council felt he did not fulfill the final season of his five-year contract with Seattle that he signed as a rookie.

Galloway missed four exhibition games and the first eight regular-season games of the Seahawks' season. However, a player need only to be active for six games to get credit for a season.

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