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Have a Deep Regret About Work? You Must be a Man

When men look back on their lives, the most "salient regret" they mention has to do with work.

For women, the regret is more related to love.

When the results are combined, the top three regrets are love, family and career.

These numbers are according to to a survey of 370 adult Americans by Mike Morrison of the University of Illinois and Neal J. Roese of the Kellogg School at Northwestern University. The report was cited in a recent The Daily Stat newsletter from

I think both findings are surprising given that these regrets were mentioned more often than ones for things such as finances, education, health, and parenting.

Since this is a website devoted to business topics, I need to ask you:

What is your biggest regret about your career? Did you make the wrong choice? Did you not succeed as you had planned? Are your career demands regretfully overshadowing other aspects of your life?

(Photo by Flickr user Ed Yourdon, CC 2.0)