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Has the Future Gone to Pot?

Keep on trucking. You know the apocalypse is upon us because marijuana growers in California are joining the Teamsters Union. According to The Wall Street Journal, employees of an Oakland area company that legally grows medical marijuana approached the Teamsters earlier this year. They have joined local 70 and have a two year contract that includes health and pension benefits. One wonders if the contract negotiations took place in a smoke-filled room. And if they did -- Does any one remember? The Teamsters, beset by years of corruption and dwindling membership roles were thrilled. The union secretary said we've had our problems, so we had to diversify. Perhaps all those years of mob connections and shady investments in Las Vegas casinos will become a thing of the past. The Teamsters have shown they can read the smoke signals. And the future has indeed gone to pot.

Just a minute, I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.

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