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Harry And Dave On Ice

Millions of fans watched the premiere of "The Amazing Race" Tuesday night, but The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith and weatherman Dave Price actually had a chance to live it.

They weren't competing against the other teams, and they were not eligible for the $1 million payoff. But when the game got going, none of that really seemed to matter. Phil Keoghan, host of "The Amazing Race," helped tell the story on The Early Show Wednesday morning.

The setting was Chicago, Ill., capital of the American Midwest and a fitting place to start a race around the world.

After the first 11 teams departed, it was Harry and Dave's turn. They discovered their destination was Iceland. Dave could scarcely contain his excitement: "We're going to Iceland, Harry! We're going to Iceland."

They hopped the el to O'Hare International Airport, and found themselves shut out of the flights to Iceland. (Remember: they were on a limited budget.) Ultimately, they got on a flight.

All the teams were on their way to the city of Reykjavik in Iceland. Weather delays and tail winds changed arrival times. The flight that connected through Boston carried Gus and Hera, Avi and Joe, Hayden and Aaron, and Harry and Dave. Once teams landed, they had to choose a car and read the clue on the steering wheel before driving to their next destination.

It turned out that the clue was behind one of Iceland's breathtaking waterfalls. The trick was to find the right one. But Jonathan and Victoria took a wrong turn, and so did Harry and Dave. Harry found an English-speaking Icelander and asked directions.

Woman: "The other one I meet say, 'We are in so much hurry!'"

Harry: (with a laugh) "Oh, yes!"

Finally, Team Early Show was headed in the right direction. And it wasn't long before they found the right waterfall.

With the clue in hand, the boys raced for the car. But, first, Dave and Harry had a drink from the stream, as Harry warned viewers, "Never do that in the Hudson."

Still in last place, they were determined to catch up.

Will they? That remains to be seen. Thursday, on The Early Show, they warn that you'll see a side of them that never has been revealed on national television.

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