Happily Married For 82 Years

In 1923, Rin Tin Tin began his long run in the movies, the Yankees began their long run in their new stadium and John and Amelia Roccio began their long run as husband and wife.

"I was happy," says John Roccio. "I thought I was getting one of the best girls in the world."

It began with a chance meeting on the street. Today they could well be the longest married couple in the world.

"When we first met he took my hand, and we've been holding them since," says Amelia Roccio.

It's been 82 years, through 15 presidents, five major wars and one depression. They've seen the birth of the television age, the birth of the space age and the birth of two daughters. Through it all they stayed in Providence, R.I. and stayed in love.

"I keep telling you I don't get sick of you," she says to him. "I love you… Now like the first day I met you."

Today, he's 101 and she's 100, but she was just 17 when they married and that troubled her pastor.

"He said to me, 'Are you pregnant?'" she says. "I didn't even know what the word meant."

So are they the longest married couple in the world? The Guinness Book of World Records gave that title to an Iowa couple. But they have been married just 81 years. Now friends of John and Amelia are trying to get them in the book for the recognition 82 years deserves.

So what's their secret? They both say the secret is simple.

"What secret?" says John Roccio. "I live normally, and she feeds me well."

"He never put me down," she says. "He liked everything I did."

Traditionally, the 50th anniversary calls for a gift of gold and the 75th calls for a diamond. But there's no guidance past that, so if you're looking for something for the Rocchio's 83rd, you're on your own.