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GSK Employees Really Love Their Boss's Book -- It's "Better Than Harvard"!

Steve Stefano doesn't have to motivate GSK employees to buy his bookStephen Stefano, one of GlaxoSmithKline's senior executives in charge of commercial strategy, has written a book about leadership. It's called Passion and ICE. And, according to the employees and business partners of the senior-vice-president-of-managed-markets-and-neurohealth-divisions-turned-motivational speaker, Steve's book is totally awesome!

Here's a selection of the completely unbiased, occasionally punctuation-free, sometimes misspelled comments posted on by Stefano's underlings and colleagues.

Anne Komanecky, a regional vice-president at GSK, loved it:

I really enjoyed your book! Your personality and your energy came right out of the pages and the examples of the different leaders you have worked with were excellent ... Bottom line, Steve ... you nailed it! You must be SO proud! I will cherish the personally autographed book forever.
(Komanecky expanded her rave in an review.)

Mike Pearson of Valeant Pharmaceuticals went a step further:

Outstanding. I learned a lot. Better than Harvard or McKinsey. Makes me hope even more that we do have chance to work together.
Maureen Danielewicz, director of customer relations at GSK, also liked the book, and likes exclamation points even more:
Wanted to reach out to you. I have finished reading your book 'Passion and ICE' and I immensly enjoyed it. I also gathered some valuable lessons that I have been able to apply on a daily bsis. Thank you!!!!! I also really enjoyed learning more about your career and experiences. Congratulations again on this achievement!!!!
Brad Duncan, an IHM account director at GSK:
"I could hear your voice as I read it. I enjoyed it and also learned a lot from it. Thank you for sharing."
Steve apparently rocks as a speaker, too, according to David Lilley, executive vice president, Quintiles Transnational:
Steve addressed all of our first and second line sales managers -- over 300 in total at their conference. I can honestly say he held them in the palm of his hand for an hour with his heartfelt style and down to earth approach. The spontantaniuos standing ovation lasted forever. I would fully recommend that you have him connect with your people - they will love the profound and personal messages he delivers.
What is this book about? Here's Steve's own description:
This book ... is simply about values in leadership. Those values transcend my career at GlaxoSmithKline and extend back to experiences from my childhood, ... Reading my stories is extremely practical for you in your daily life at work, at home, and in the community. My values in leadership center on a simple, hearty recipe whose ingredients are integrity, courage, and empathy wrapped in a crust of passion.
Steve continues with the cooked-dough metaphor:
It is truly the staff of life because it provides you, the reader with a simple, nourishing meal that will energize you around leadership values and behaviors.
But does anyone sum this book up better than Mark M. Werner, GSK's general counsel?
The 'passion and ice' values of leadership in Steve Stefano's book will stick with you like oatmeal.
It's only $24.99 -- hurry, while supplies last.