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Group Sparks Explosion Of Good

Darell Hammond, the co-founder of KaBOOM!, is the Pied Piper of playgrounds. The organization is building 160 playgrounds this year, using 40,000 volunteers. The Early Show's Tracy Smith reports.

The folks at KaBOOM! are playground-building experts, and they're also good at rounding up corporate partners, like Home Depot, who bring some big bucks and hundreds of volunteers out to play.

For Dexter Berry, volunteering to build a playground in the Kirkwood section of Atlanta brought back a flood of memories. "Just coming back here really touches my heart because I remember what the neighborhood was when I was playing here; I mean, unfortunately, there were a lot of drugs in the area," he says.

Berry came back to help build a better place to play.

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"There was a pitcher's mound, right here in this very spot, where I threw one of my first no-hitters as a pitcher," Berry recalls.

To KaBOOM!, the playground is a metaphor for how we care for all our children.

"Play is where I believe children grow up to be adults. It's where they get social skills, cognitive skills, muscular skills," says Hammond.

He knows how important it is to lend a helping hand. When he was growing up, his mother had a breakdown, and the situation forced him to live in a group home.

"Volunteers have definitely said there's something that's so magical about this experience of having hundreds of people, many who did not know each other when they started the day, and who at the end of the day through hard work and physical labor, created something that amazing," he says.

"It generally starts with the genesis of one person, a mother, a religious leader, a corporate leader, and then it ignites, which is where the name KaBOOM! comes from."

"I know that a playground is not going to solve all the world's problems," says Hammond, "but that's only half of the equation. The other half is what it does in people's hearts."

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