'Green' Font Cuts Costs and Saves Trees

Last Updated Aug 27, 2007 9:52 AM EDT

'Green' Font Cuts Costs and Saves TreesHere's a quick tip to cut costs in the office: Pare down your printing voracity. In the process you'll also help the environment. CNET TV recently reported on an innovation by GreenPrint, a small start-up in Portland, Ore. Its flagship font -- Evergreen -- puts the maximum amount of text it can fit on a page while still maintaining readability. Evergreen reduces your paper footprint by 15-20% when compared with Times New Roman and Arial. Not only that, but the T's look like tiny trees!

Still not convinced enough to become a green printing proponent? GreenPrint's software automatically clips superfluous banner ads and sidebar junk before you print out web pages. Big companies can save up to 4,000 trees a year, 12,000 tons of emitted carbon, and pocket an extra $2 million a year in paper and ink savings -- enough to make any cost-cutting corporation green with envy.