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Great American Weight Loss: Week 3

During Week 3 of The Great American Weight Loss, CBS News Health Correspondent Dr. Emily Senay tackled the usual hurdles to overcome when trying to lose weight. With the help of fellow health experts, she showed how to jump right over those hurdles.

Click on the images below to read what Dr. Senay covered on the week of August 17-21:

A Workout Under The Open Sky
If you're sick of the unchanging view from your treadmill, fitness expert Angela Settle can show you how to liven up your workout and vary your exercise routine.
Don't Blame Weight Gain On DNA
For those who feel that trying to lose weight is an impossible struggle against genetics, metabolism expert Dr. Pamela Peeke suggests how to control what may seem like biological destiny.
Don't Toss Out Your Snacks!
Are some snack foods too good to live without? Dietician Cathy Nonas says, go ahead, make your day -- just following a few sensible steps first.
Resisting Foods In Stressful Times
Are there times in your life that stress compels you to overeat? Psychologist Ann Kearny-Cooke tells you what to do to bring eating under control even when you feel you have no control.
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