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Grandma Fights Off Bear with Pillow

How do you fight off a brown bear towering on her hind legs over you?

One Colorado grandmother used what she had on hand when a brown bear sauntered into her bedroom: a pillow.

When Sally Rebehn discovered a bear had walked into her bedroom, she started screaming. Then she started fighting.

"Your brain takes a while to register," Rebehn said. "You don't expect to find a bear in your bedroom. And here is this large, large brown bear. I mean, I just started screaming bloody murder hoping my son is going to save me."

But her son, Brian Hoyt, was upstairs watching a Rockies game, and didn't hear her immediately.

So Rebehn used what she could -- a decorative pillow from her bed -- to hit the bear.

Rebehn said, "I slung it just like a Frisbee. And I obviously scared her because she went down on all fours and she turned and away she left."

However, that wasn't the only bear in the house. Rebehn son spotted a cub that had followed the mother bear into the house. Eventually, the mother bear and the cub were removed from the house Rebehn shares with her son, Brian Hoyt. Hoyt said the police had to finally push in a window to remove the mother bear from their home.

However, Rebehn and her family were not free of the home-invading bears. Though they replaced their lever-style door knobs with a round style that would be tougher for the bears to operate, the bears returned a few days later. This time, they were trying to get in through the windows.

But this time, The Colorado Division of Wildlife stepped in and ultimately caught all the bears. Two of the cubs were relocated, and the mama bear and her cub that were in the house were put down, because they were too aggressive.

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