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Graduating With A Degree In Pot Studies

Just outside San Francisco, in the heart of Oakland lies America's first Cannabis College, appropriately called Oaksterdam University. Founder Richard Lee brought the idea to life in 2007 after visiting a cannabis college in Amsterdam. But instead of just teaching horticulture or the science of plant cultivation, Lee wanted to build a curriculum around the entire trade, legitimizing an industry, which now brings millions to the state.

What started out in one classroom with 20 people has evolved and grown exponentially. In just two years, Oaksterdam has become the go-to cannabis institution certifying over 6,000 students from around the world and expanding into other cities like Los Angeles and Sebastopol, California. Its classes, which are already sold out through most of 2010, have also forced the school to move to a larger 30,000 square foot campus.

Check out reports on the debate over legalization in's special section "Marijuana Nation."

I recently visited Oaksterdam to speak with its founder Richard Lee about the college and why he feels like the demand and interest in cannabis is flourishing, to say the least:

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