Government is Scared of Tax Review Says Barnaby Joyce | BTalk

Last Updated Mar 23, 2010 3:26 PM EDT


Sen. Barnaby Joyce

Sen. Barnaby Joyce

(Episode 461; 14 minutes 52) It's been several months since Ken Henry, Secretary to the Treasury, presented the Treasurer with his final report of his thorough review of Australia's taxation system. Since then there has been very little said and no indication of when the report will be released.

Around the time that Ken Henry was preparing to hand over his report, Tony Abbott was engineering a challenge to lead the Liberal party. Part of his new leadership team saw the appointment of Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce as the Shadow Minister for Finance. Actually he's added Debt Reduction to his job title, just in case there was any doubt where his focus lies.

On today's BTalk I ask Barnaby Joyce why he thinks the government has delayed the release of the report and what sort of changes we need to see in our taxation system. Whether you agree with what he says, you can always be certain that he is a man who says what he thinks, on everything from emissions trading to Ken Henry's views on banking competition.

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