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Google is Unrivaled Atop Global Media Industry as 2010 Dawns

Google (GOOG) is the leading media company in the world at the close of 2009, less so in terms of pure numbers (however impressive) than as measured by reach, breadth, and influence.

I know that I've mentioned Google far more often than any other company in my Bnet posts during the past year, which covered a wide range of concerns all layered upon search, Google's core business.

The extent to which Google has come to dominate of the media (advertising) industry over its first 11 years in business is but one aspect of Ken Auletta's best-selling book, "Googled," which was published this fall.

Here are a few relevant tidbits:

  • As of 2008, Google was collecting more ad revenue than the five broadcast TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and the CW) combined.
  • Also as of 2008, according to co-founder Sergey Brin, Google was already indexing the equivalent of all the data held by the Library of Congress six-fold every day.
  • Google serves roughly 70 percent of all searches worldwide (North American now accounts for only one-quarter of the 1.6 billion global web audience.)
  • Google performs around 3 billion searches each day.
  • AdSense in 2008 provided over five billion dollars in ad revenue to its advertising partners, many of which are blogs or small website businesses.
  • The company earns roughly 97 percent of its revenue from advertising.
All of this success has attracted criticism (and lawsuits), naturally, and today Google is fairly well surrounded by competitors snapping at its heels in most business segments.

But if you were to place only one media industry bet in 2010 on which company will see strong, continued growth, you'd be hard-pressed to pick any company on earth other than Google.

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