Google celebrates Valentine’s Day with love stories

Do you remember your first love? Google is celebrating Valentine’s Day with real love stories in the format of popular radio show “This American Life.”

Friday’s Google Doodle is of the iconic Valentine’s Day candy hearts with messages like “First Kiss” and “Puppy Luv.” When clicked, each heart opens up an animation and plays stories that range from crushes to eternal love.

“Like in a movie or in a dream, and everything’s spinning really quickly and just the one spot where you’re standing stays still,” a woman says, describing a moment leading up to a missed opportunity for a first kiss.

In another story a young boy talks about a middle school crush that turns into puppy love. The most poignant story comes from a newlywed man in love, who describes the fear of losing his husband.

“This will end someday. This will end,“ he says.

“I thought, yes, my dear,” his husband says. “That’s true. One of us will die. Then the other will die. And it will be over, but we have now.”

To all the lonely hearts and merry lovers out there, happy Valentine’s Day!