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Go Ahead! Make A Dieting Excuse!

The millions of adult Americans who are overweight make up 55 percent of the population. Although 97 million people should be considering joining the battle of the bulge, many have countered dieting demands with every excuse in the book.

CBS News Health Correspondent Dr. Emily Senay tells viewers on how to change excuses into lost calories with this first report in the monthlong series, The Great American Weight Loss.

Some say it's cheaper to eat more fattening foods. Fast foods are inexpensive, and available everywhere. Others say they don't have time to prepare a low-fat meal. And of course, there's always that sweet little chocolate treat - to boost energy.

The Great American Weight Loss Tip of the Day is: Help identify all your excuses by writing them down.

The goal is not to shed a certain number of pounds by the end of August, but to make small lifestyle changes that will lead over time to weight loss that lasts. Losing weight isn't as difficult as keeping it off. Don't expect fancy diets or elaborate workout routines - The Great American Weight Loss will instead cover subtle changes that will make a long-term impact.

Reported by Dr. Emily Senay

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