Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?

In case you missed it, our DNC Convention Webcast debuted last night, and what a cast it attracted.

In between answering readers' questions with a little help from "crack political consultants" Joe Trippi, Mark Ambinder (the extremely knowlegable Atlantic associate editor) and Dan Bartlett (whom Katie called "the bravest man in the room" for being a lone Republican in a sea of Democrats) a lot of big-name guests dropped in. After Katie exclusively interviewed Caroline Kennedy and Susan Eisenhower (yes, the granddaughter of that Eisenhower), we got an impromptu visit from an Obama supporter who's never attended a Democratic convention before: Cyndi Lauper.

Why'd she show up to support Barack Obama? "I saw it on TV and thought, 'look at those crazy people with the signs.' Now I'm a crazy person with a sign!"

Sadly, it seems no brilliant musical collaborations will come out of this chance meeting. Cyndi didn't act on an offer to sing with Bob Schieffer's band (yes, the man can jam!) and Katie politely stayed mum after an invite to "sing sing" with Cyndi ... even after the pop icon dropped the obvious line: "come on, girls just wanna have fun!"

And remember, we're doing all of it again tonight. To join in, follow the links below.

10 - 11pm ET: Live Simulcast
Live simulcast of the CBS News Convention Special from Denver, Colorado.
11 - 11:30pm: Live Webcast
Katie will be asking our CBS News political roundtable questions submitted from users like you.