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Girlfriends Are Forever

From the writer and photographer of The New York Times best-selling book Daughters and Mothers comes a second book, Girlfriends.

CBS News This Morning interviews photographer Jayne Wexler, and writer Lauren Cowen, who just happen to be the best of friends.

"Lauren and I met back in 1996, and we became instant friends," Wexler says. "Our publisher introduced us to each other when we started working on our first book, Daughters and Mothers."

Girlfriends examines female friendships and profiles sets of best friends including actress-singer Jennifer Lopez and Arlene Rodriguez, and music legend Darlene Love and Barbara Johnson-Armstrong.

And CBS News contributor Eleanor Mondale graces the cover of the book with friends Debra McMichael and Rebecca Besser.

"We wanted a variety of women with varying backgrounds and that's what we ended up with. We have a mix of celebrities and noncelebrities, young people and older people," explains Cowen.

Girlfriends is a celebration of this unique female relationship, which transcends change, loss, distance and time, and captures women from distinctly different places and points of view, according to Wexler and Cowen.

Both women say the decision to create a book about female friendships was "a personal one based upon the collaborators' experiences and observations."

One of Cowen's favorite essays is the story of Love and Johnson-Armstrong.

"Darlene is a famed cabaret singer and key voice of Motown in the 1960s. After going broke and cleaning houses, her best friend [Barbara] got her back on her feet," she says.

"She now performs on Broadway, in top clubs and in casinos. Their bond is so strong that each knows when the other will call or needs help," Cowen explains.

"The story has some good anecdotes and quotes; these women will be friends forever," she adds.

After researching female friendships over the last two years, Cowen observes that women think alike and that distance doesn't make or break the bond of a real friendship between women.

"Relationships between women are unique and, for all the sexism this might imply, we simply don't see men relating the way women do," she adds.

Photographer Wexler's work has been featured in Esquire, Vibe and Vanity Fair.

Journalist Cowen's stories have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and Phladelphia magazine.

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