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Gift For Afterschool Programs

At the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade, JC Penney gave away its annual "First Gift," which is an additional donation to its five afterschool partners.

This year's gift will be used to offer scholarships throughout the country. Ed Solczak, Director, JC Penney Afterschool, visits The Early Show to explain how JC Penney first became involved with afterschool programs three years ago. Since then, it has donated millions of dollars to a variety of afterschool programs throughout the country.

JC Penney's "First Gift" is a $100,000 Powering their Potential Scholarship Program donation to five organizations - the Boys and Girls Club of America, YMCA of the USA, the Afterschool Alliance, 4H and Junior Achievement. The donation will be divided amongst the five organizations that will in turn, award scholarships to their local members from across the country.

Solczak says JC Penney felt there was a need for safe, educational experiences for kids afterschool, which led to the development of JC Penney Afterschool in 1998.

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