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Getting Skins Out of a Tight Spot | BTalk


Jamie Fuller
(Episode 789: 17 minutes 22) Listen on iTunes.
In this edition of BTalk, Jamie Fuller, the CEO of Skins, talks about how the Aussie sportswear company fought for their niche, against the likes of Nike.

After a career in the printing industry, Jaimie took a big gamble by buying into a business that was struggling to get its name out there. They had a strong product, based on a compression technology, that would help athletes improve their performance.

He found himself working in an industry that he knew nothing about, with no experience of building a brand. His first battle was with his advertising agency, who argued that they needed to make the brand famous --- Fuller wanted to push the technology first and foremost. The agency came up with a good line though: "we don't pay sports stars to wear our product, they pay us."

The advertising line reflects the approach the company has taken to grow. It's built a reputation with professional athletes, got a stronghold in the market and is now growing around the world. You'll hear in the interview that success has come from a willingness to take risks --- oh, and and a lot of straight talking!

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