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Getting our money's worth in Pakistan?

I was in Peshawar, Pakistan in 1986. The U.S. was equipping the mujahideen with stinger missiles to fire at Soviet helicopters. Hundreds of thousands of refugees had poured out of besieged Afghanistan and I thought it remarkable that Pakistan seemed to have the resources to deal with the problem. The United States was a primary contributor, of course. The U.S. has been a cash cow for Pakistan for a long time. And because of that significant ongoing investment it's hard to reconcile the fact that Osama bin Laden has been hiding there for years. Really? Nobody knew? It's possible Abbottabad is no Karachi slum where for a price most anything is purchasable. Even secrets. In Abbottabad the neighbors said they were familiar with the couriers and their kids. They say they never saw bin Laden. It's possible the Pakistanis didn't know. But, that probably is a sign we're not getting our money's worth.

Just a minute. I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.

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