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Get Organized, and Use Stylish Storage to Do It!

NEW YORK -- If you made a New Year's resolution to finally get organized, you're not alone.

But who has the time to figure out how to?! scoured the market and found the most functional, stylish storage for every room in the house.

And on "The Early Show" Thursday, Gilt Lifestyle Editor Chassie Post suggested some tried-and-true affordable solutions as well as some new ones that will have you organized like never before. The products she had hold everything from magazines to Merlot!

Cookware Peg Board

Free up precious cupboard space with this updated version of a pots-and-pans rack devised by French-cuisine queen Julia Child. Just a few dollars from Home Depot will transform your cook's nook into a chef's zone in an instant. Customize the shape and size to fit any size kitchen, and a fresh coat of paint will have this looking more like a stylish accessory than a storage unit for your pots and pans! Starting at $7, Home Depot

Magnetic Spice Racks

Get the spices off the counter and up on the wall in an organized fashion. This spice rack can be placed most anywhere you desire - mount it to your kitchen wall or stick it on the side of appliances like your refrigerator. Super-mod and unexpected solution to clearing counter space. starting at $38,

Cuisinart Private Reserve 8 Bottle Wine Cellar

If you are a serious wine enthusiast, but have no room (in your house or in your budget!) for a full-on wine cellar, we've got the answer for you! The Cuisinart Private Reserve Wine Cellar is the perfect super-affordable compact solution for wine storage! By maintaining the ideal storage temperature, it ensures that up to eight bottles of wine preserve their signature bouquet, flavor and body. Use the electronic touchpad to set the preferred temperature (between 39°- 68°F) and the thermoelectric cooling system holds the temp, quietly and efficiently. A chic and durable stainless finish ensures any wine collection is displayed in style and will make you look like a connoisseur, whether you are or not! $134,

Lacquer Boxes

Unexpected storage boxes so beautiful you will want to display every chance you get. Lacquer boxes are a gorgeous option for stylishly storing items that need to be corralled - like remote controls, mail, keys, etc. They come in every different shape and color you can imagine so you can find a shape and style that fits your look and display them everywhere from the coffee table to the bookshelves. Starting at $50,

Baskets = Portable Storage

There is nothing nicer than a beautiful basket to keep your clutter contained. Not only fashionable but they are beautifully functional for every room in the house. The best thing about them is they are portable, so if you keep your home office contained in one basket - you can move it with you from room to room. Baskets also make beautiful towel holders in the bathroom, or can be a chic way to house extra toilet paper rolls. Their rustic look will add style to any room. Starting at $29 - $50, West Elm

Legonart Editor Magazine Holder

No matter how neat you try and keep them magazine have a sneaky way of looking disorganized. This sleek zebra wood beckons those stacks of unruly magazines. Even if you stick it in the corner, this design statement enhances any room. $62,

Acrylic Magazine Holder

A fantastic affordable option - we love acrylic. Super-modern looking and helps to relieve visual clutter as it is invisible Has a handle so you can carry your magazines from room to room. $29,

Proper Hangers

Believe it or not, using uniform hangers provide twice as much room in your closet. Also, you can avoid closet mayhem by using the proper hanger for the item of clothing. Why use two hangers when one will do? For example, a suit hanger allows you to hang pants and jacket on one hanger while your suit looking fresh. So throw out those wire hangers and invest in different variations of the same kind of hanger.
Not only will you have tons more hanging space, proper hanging will preserve the life of your clothing and as an added bonus your closet will look clutter-free and beautiful! We love these flocked hangers - the textured surface keeps your clothes from slipping off the hangers. Plus, they are incredibly durable and are lighter and take up less space than wooden hangers. $12 for set of 10,

Jewelry Wrangler

The Clo-Sette travelling jewelry case makes a great everyday organizer - and this one is made by the closet organizers to the stars - Melanie Charlton Fascitelli who names Liv Tyler, Beyonce, Phil Collins, Lake Bell, Sting, Drew Barrymore, Juliana Margulies, Eva Longoria as some of her famous clientele. We love the Clo-sette Travelling Jewelry case - it is like a CD case for your jewelry. It has different pages with the perfect pouches for all types of jewelry - a page for earrings, a page for rings, bracelets, etc. $50,

Array Bookcase

The coolest bookcase ever -- it's practically invisible with loads of style. Layer books and novels on their sides. Or intersperse CDs and publications. Bruno Rainaldi design in lightweight laser-cut steel with silver powder coat adds literati edge to a room and the 14 inch footprint is perfect for those tight spaces. Each removable shelf can hold up to nine pounds and is a great alternative to much more expensive versions of this bookcase. $189,

Wallpaper To the Rescue

It seems that filing cabinets only come in one color, ugly. You could apply some stylish wallpaper to old filing cabinet to give it a new lease on life. This is not only a beautiful solution but also super affordable, you don't even have to take your files out of the cabinet! is a members-only website, but "Early Show" viewers can join by clicking here.