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Get Glam with These Holiday Hairstyles

It's holiday party time, and that means finding a way to change your hairstyle from day to night.

Celebrity stylist Kim Vo showed on the broadcast how women can quickly and simply make the transition with a few tricks of the trade.

Side Pony Tail

This look is for the girl who is always one step ahead, prepared in the morning and revealed in the night. To start this look right after your morning shower, all you'll need are these supplies:

• Comb $2.49
• Curling balm-$26.00
• Elastic bands-$2.99
• Kim Vo hair spray-$26.00

1.)Freshly washed hair use twist and tame curling balm.
2.) Braid hair to the side, enforce with rubber band.
3.)After dried naturally, let loose. Comb with fingers.
4.) Use 1 1/2" Curling Iron to create uniform curls, hairspray.

Sexy Side Part

A strong side part is for the girl on the go, a great after-work look that's easily achieved in the office restroom with these supplies:

• water bottle-$1.99
• gel-$4.99
• bobby pins-$2.99
• Kim Vo hair spray-$26.00

1.) Dampen with water bottle, and apply a light coat of gel.
2.) Part hair, then mold in desired shape and smooth into place.
3.) Place small bobby pin to secure sleek section behind ears, hairspray to secure.

Boho Curls

This look gives any girl the carefree style with bohemian attitude. This versatile "half-up" look is fool-proof and universal for every face shape. With these supplies it's easy:

• Kim Vo curling balm-$26.00
• tissue paper
• clip-$5.99
• bobby pin-$2.99
• Kim Vo hair spray-$26.00

1.) On towel dried hair, apply twist and tame curling balm, twist five random sections on crown (top of head) looks like licorice twists, air dry all day. Rake through hair for soft curls.
2.) Randomly take 2" sections and mist with hairspray. Next you'll wrap the hair around the tissue paper like you would a "hair roller." Secure with a clip, and hairspray the section again.
3.) Once the hairspray is dry (3-5 minutes) unclip hair from the tissue paper and lightly tug on curl. Then finally grab the hair on both sides and secure with bobby pins.

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