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George Karl Wants To Coach Bulls

George Karl is campaigning to become the next head coach of the Chicago Bulls.

The former Seattle SuperSonics coach said he wants to coach "the greatest basketball player in the world" -- Michael Jordan.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported today that Karl has delivered the instructions to his agent, Bret Adams.

"That would be the highlight of my coaching career," Karl told his agent, according to the Sun-Times report. "It's what I want to do."

The deposed Seattle coach said he's willing to take a one-year coaching deal with the Chicago Bulls. And Jordan has said he would consider playing for Karl, who is also a University of North Carolina graduate.

But the Bulls have not said whether they would schedule talks with Karl.

Adams, Karl's agent, said he would prefer his client to pursue longer, more lucrative opportunities from the Los Angeles Clippers and Denver Nuggets, both of whom are talking to Karl, according to the Sun-Times report.

"I'm trying to protect George's long-term interests," Adams said. "And those may not equate with his desire to coach the greatest player in the world for one season. But he's the boss. He can overrule me. And the chance to coach Michael is the biggest lure for him, believe me."

Karl is, however, making it clear that he isn't seeking Phil Jackson's job if Jackson wants to remain the Bulls coach. At a celebration rally in Chicago on Tuesday, Jackson referred to the Bulls' sixth NBA championship as his "last dance" with the team.

"George's position is to be very loyal to the profession," Adams said. "He's not going to step on any toes. He's certainly not soliciting any position where there's an existing coach."

The Sonics hired Paul Westphal on Wednesday to take Karl's place.

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