Game Over For Roger

Here, I am as I leave Santa Monica on Friday morning.
Although the men outnumbered women 6-4 after the tribes merged in the latest episode of Survivor: The Amazon, the women still got their way, voting off Roger Sexton.

The 10 remaining survivors were given new buffs and a new campsite for their new merger tribe. Immediately, the animosity between Deena and Roger was apparent, both being leaders of their former tribes. Roger barked out orders for individual tasks, leaving the women to gather palm fronds while the men constructed the shelter.

But it was not only the women who were annoyed by Roger. Rob also was peeved at the way Roger ordered everyone around, and so Rob began to make friends with the female members of the tribe. Rob boldly claimed that he would be the last man standing in the tribe and none of the other men had any clue what the women were capable of.

The challenge for individual immunity was a test of willpower. Each castaway was alloted a small perch to stand on in the water. Under the hot sun, Roger clearly had no sense of balance. But he wasn't the first to buckle under the heat. Heidi and Jenna offered to strip for two glasses of cola, peanut butter, and chocolate cookies.

Roger was next to go, voluntarily diving in to the water. The next Survivors won pizza and other food prizes for leaving their perch. After more than two hours and weathering heavy rain, Deena and Christy were left. Over rock-paper-scissors, Christy jumped in and shared her plate of spaghetti with Deena, who was the first to win individual immunity.

At tribal council, Roger said he jumped into the water because he was sure he didn't need the immunity. However, Deena had the last laugh. The women, along with two other men, gathered enough votes to send Roger home.

Tune in to The Early Show Thursday to hear what Roger from Survivor: The Amazon has to say about his experience in the jungle.