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Galloway Playing Flag Football

Joey Galloway is playing football despite sitting out the NFL season in a contract dispute with the Seattle Seahawks.

He is the most high profile player in the Wheeling-based Ohio Valley Flag Football League.

The former Ohio State wide receiver and Seahawks standout is spending his spare time playing quarterback for the Outlaws, who have a 4-0 record.

"It gives me something to compete at. I always wanted to play a little quarterback and this gives me the chance. I'm not too good at it but I'm having fun," Galloway told The Intelligencer of Wheeling after Sunday's game.

And just because he's playing flag football instead of pro football doesn't mean it's not competitive.

"Anything I play I want to win," he said. "It gets competitive out here. These guys are going at it just as hard as we are. When you have that situation, it's definitely going to be a competitive game."

On Sept. 27, the Seahawks withdrew their $35 million contract offer to Galloway and told him he must play under terms of his existing pact if he wants to play at all.

Galloway, who caught 65 passes for 1,047 yards and 10 touchdowns last season, was seeking a $25 million, five-year contract that would include a $10 million signing bonus.

His holdout has cost him $93,000 a game, which is 1-17th of the salary he was scheduled to earn this season. The Seahawks are also fining him $5,000 a day.

Antonio Freeman of Green Bay became the highest paid receiver in the NFL this year when the Packers gave him a $42 million, seven-year contract, including a $10 million signing bonus.

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