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Gadgets to Spruce Up Your Car

The average American spends more than 500 hours a year in their car. And, that's a big chunk of your life to be uncomfortable or inconvenienced, not to mention unstylish.

But you don't have to be any of those things with the easy and inexpensive gadgets Dannielle Kyrillos, editor at large of, shared on "The Early Show" that will help you make the most of life in your car.

Coffee Cup Charger and Power Inverter
Price: $29.99
• Coffee really does fuel everything, even when it's just a nifty car power source disguised as a coffee cup -- Plugs into cigarette lighter and becomes two standard power sockets
• Fits right in your car's standard beverage holder, so it's not in the way or balanced precariously or jammed in anywhere
• Charge up and power everything from your laptop to a portable printer.

RoadPro High Performance Hair Dryer/Defroster
Source: Many online retailers, travel marts nationwide. See example here.
Price: $44
• Finish your hair, or your kids', or dry wet spots after the inevitable car spills in the parking lot, with a portable, car-friendly blow dryer
• Can also be used as a window defroster. How practical and not-vain-at-all is that?
• Of course this must only be used when you're parked in a safe spot, but you can leave the house earlier, beat traffic, and do finishing touches in the parking lot
• It's designed to be used in a car, so won't short out or lose power. Specifically designed for truckers, campers and other people on the go

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RoadPro Portable Saucepan and Popcorn Popper
Source: Many online retailers, travel marts nationwide See example here.
Price: $35
• Whip up a snack before the long drive home
• We cannot believe this actually exists and works but it really does, and well
• Heat canned soups, packaged foods
• Make popcorn or cook hotdogs
• You could actually make some sort of stew

Griffin Technology WindowSeat Windshield Mount
Price: $29.99
• Mount your iPhone or iPod touch at eye-level so you can easily see its street maps and directions
• Much safer than trying to map something on your iPhone while you're trying to get there, which everyone without a built-in GPS has attempted
• Stays in one safe place, where you can see it (to be used only when stopped, of course!)
• Also makes it easy to control your music, when your iPod or iPhone is hooked into your car audio system

Leather Gloves Online Zippered Driving Gloves
Price: $47.95
• Gloves in general are very trendy this year, in sort of an old-fashioned way, and driving gloves in particular channel the cool ladies we're seeing on film, such as Amelia Earhardt, and in real life, like Danica Patrick
• These are spot-on because they boast the season's must-have detail -- bold zippers

Kurgo Auto Tray Table
Price: $21
• For kids in the back or officemates in the carpool, this tray turns their space into a restaurant table or office
• Makes the experience of being a backseat passenger so much more comfortable, and more productive
• Fits pretty much any car
• Also good as coloring table for kids

Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat
Price: $63
• If your little dog is your co-pilot, make even his ride more comfortable
• Boosts the dog up comfortably so he or she can see out the window
• Not safe to keep little dog curled on your lap, this is the next best and much safer alternative
• Collapses easily when not in use

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