From The Road: Stars, Stripes And Obama

CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds is working on a piece for tonight's show about Barack Obama's qualifications ... and the "commander-in-chief" image he's working to project. Our Maria Gavrilovic, who's following the Obama campaign, filed a telling blog post over at From The Road. A taste:
Surrounded by retired military officers and American flags, Barack Obama presented his case for why he is the most qualified candidate to become commander-in-chief.

"On the most important national security question since the Cold War, I am the only candidate who opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning," he said. "This judgment was not about speeches, it was about whether or not the United States of America would go to war in Iraq."

He argued that his judgment supersedes arguments about his experience. "After years of being told that Democrats have to talk, act, and vote like John McCain to pass some commander-in-chief test, how many times do we have to learn that tough talk is not a substitute for sound judgment?" Obama asked. "After years of a war in Iraq that should've never been authorized, how many more politicians will appeal to the American people's fears instead of their hopes?"

Obama was asked if he thought Hillary Clinton was qualified to be commander-in-chief. "Yes, as I believe Senator McCain is. And, as I believe, I am," Obama said.

To read the rest of Maria's post, just head on over to our sister blog, From The Road.