From Saturday Night To The Roxbury

A Night at the Roxbury is a film for anyone that has ever tried to get behind the velvet rope. Co-stars Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan put it in their own words, in an interview on CBS 'This Morning.'

For Ferrell: "It's basically the story of people trying to be a part of that A-list type of world. And they feel if they break into it, they'll have found nirvana."

Kattan says he could relate. "I was not Mr. Popular in school, you know, the cool ones...were the jocksÂ…"

Following the film success of Wayne's World and The Blues Brothers, expectations for A Night at the Roxbury are high, which makes the translation from the small screen even harder.

"It's like a three-minute cartoon, pretty much," Ferrell explains, "so when we decided to make a movie, we thought it would be an hour and a half of no dialogue, just subtitles. That was one idea, but that got voted down. That was my idea."

He adds, "Anything that has any sort of initial success from Saturday Night Live, there is pressure to see what will they do with it. Will it translate into film? But I think it's a good pressure."

Chris Kattan (CBS)
Although he and Ferrell have finally made it to the big screen, Kattan says it's the rush of performing in front of a live audience that makes Saturday Night Live a dream job come true.

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