Frequently Asked Questions - 60 Minutes for iPad

I am looking for a specific segment, but can't seem to find it.

While we have over 500 60 Minutes segments available in the iPad, that is only a fraction of the total number of segments produced in the 42 Year history of the show. We are constantly going back to process more of the vast 60 Minutes archive for the iPad app, however is it a fairly time consuming process. We are committed to adding all new segments to the app from the current season, and as we work our way back in time, more and more of the archive will make it's way into the app.

The segment in the iPad app was a little different from the segment on TV. How come?

Occasionally we'll produce a segment for TV that uses content that is not available for use online or on mobile devices (usually background music or other video clips). While we do need to edit the piece in these instances, we make every effort possible to ensure that the editeed version does not significantly devalue the story.