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Free Sales Tool: The Sales Call Check List

Here's a quick tool to help you prepare for a sales call, and assess you performance afterwards. It's a simple check list that covers the basics of consultative selling. To use the tool, cut and paste the list into a document and print out copies for your personal notebook. Before and after each meeting, check off the items that you covered. Over time, as you continue to audit your sales calls in this way, you'll find that hitting these essential bases becomes automatic.

Prior to Each Sales Call:

  • You have adequate knowledge of the prospect's firm.
  • You have adequate knowledge of the prospect's industry.
  • You have have adequate knowledge of the prospect's customers.
  • You are on time and ready to go.
  • You are wearing clothing appropriate for this prospect.
After Each Sales Call:
  • You explained the purpose of the meeting.
  • You did something to develop trust and rapport early in the process.
  • You asked for permission to ask questions.
  • You asked for permission to record the answers.
  • You asked questions in a conversation, non-confrontational way.
  • Your questions uncovered real wants and needs.
  • You guided the discussion to the prospect's problems.
  • If appropriate, you identified solutions that the customer might consider.
  • You now have a fuller understanding of the customer's objectives.
  • You now have a fuller understanding of the benefits that the customer desires.
  • If appropriate, you presented an effective solution.
  • If appropriate, you presented the price with confidence.
  • If appropriate, you provided third-party testimony and social proof.
  • If appropriate, you offered the prospect the opportunity to talk with satisfied customers.
  • You established movement to the next step of the sales process.
  • You asked the prospect to commit to that next step.
NOTE: The checklist above is based a conversation with Will Brooks, President of The Brooks Group, a sales and sales management performance improvement firm, which has much more thorough "sales call audit" process that they use with their clients.

READERS: Let me know how this tool works for you.