Free Finance Lessons from Yale's Shiller

Last Updated Oct 22, 2008 2:06 PM EDT

You may be forgiven for no longer trusting entirely to the financial experts. You may want to find out for yourself how the markets work, even if you don't work in the sector. If so, who better to teach you finance than "one of the world's outstanding economic thinkers", Yale's Robert Shiller (of "Irrational Exuberance" fame)?

His Economics 252: Financial Markets is available to view online for free, and includes 26 modules, with mid-terms and a final exam, for those that need an end goal. It aims to cover the history and theory of finance, as well as specific market theory and practice.

Shiller's an expert in behavioural finance so there are plenty of insights on the course into fraud and manipulation, as well as a discussion of the role of psychology in finance. The modules were recorded in the spring of 2008 -- before the markets went into meltdown -- but guest lectures include a couple on financial crises that may offer some useful perspective for today.

The final Shiller lecture is called "Making it Work for Real People: The Democratization of Finance". It should be the name of the course.