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France's Piracy Law In Tatters; Lawmakers Focus Instead On Easter Vacation

This story was written by Robert Andrews.
Despite last-minute encouragement from U2's manager, French politicians Thursday afternoon surprisingly rejected President Sarkozy's important Creation And Internet bill, which would have seen ISPs disconnect repeat file-sharers, when only a handful of MPs turned out to vote. Despite the senate having earlier passed the bill and sections of the bill being voted for by assembly members earlier this week, the bill in its entirety was finally rejected in a show of hands at the assembly, 21-15 - a paltry turn-out for what is a house of 577 members. Secretary of state Roger Karoutchi called it "an act of filibuster", reports. More on the implications of the vote at our sister site paidContent:UK...

(Photo: Richard Ying, some rights reserved)

By Robert Andrews

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