For your consideration...

If you aren't glued to your TV set right now, there are a few other 9/11-related stories around the CBS News website worth your time.

First, if you missed it last night, there's a recap of Katie's report on 60 Minutes about dust at Ground Zero. This story is provoking a lot of email and viewer response. Check it out.

Earlier yesterday, Bob Schieffer weighed in with a commentary on Face the Nation, explaining clearly and, I think, persuasively, why September 11, 2001 was our finest hour. Nobody could say it better than Bob.

You'll also find an exclusive interview with the United Flight 93 controller. With so much attention focused on New York City today, this is one part of the story we shouldn't overlook.

And, if we needed any reminders that Afghanistan is still a hotspot of violence and terror: there was a suicide bombing today at an Afghan state funeral.