Flu, day two: Feeling better after a rough night

jen ashton, 4x3
jen ashton, 4x3
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(CBS) As I go through my second day in isolation with influenza, I am starting to feel a little better.

I had a really rough day yesterday, with high fever, chills, severe body aches and a wicked cough. At one point, I actually wondered if there was a chance I would become an influenza statistic and require hospital admission for pulmonary complications. The pain in my chest was so bad, and my cough so severe, I became concerned that I might be developing pneumonia.

My night was similarly awful. I woke up three times, once with a high fever and in soaked pajamas. The Tamiflu I am taking seems to be working today, but last night I learned firsthand why it is recommended to be taken with food. It left me feeling nauseated, since I had only taken it with liquids. Today, the severe pain in my head is gone. Yesterday, I felt and heard my pulse pounding in my ear all day, but luckily that has disappeared. I have more of an appetite today, and the body pain is improving.

This is a scary and powerful virus, and one can see how the very old, the very young and those with weakened immune systems can become critically ill or die from complications from influenza.