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Flight Attendant Takes Crying Baby Mom Slapped

Police say a Southwest Airlines flight attendant took a baby from her parents on a flight from Dallas to Albuquerque after the mother slapped the crying child.

The flight attendant told Albuquerque International Sunport aviation police she removed the 13-month-old after she saw the mother slap the girl and passengers complained.

Airport spokesman Daniel Jiron says paramedics checked the baby when the flight landed Monday. Police says no obvious signs of physical abuse were found.

And they praised the flight attendant for taking action. "I think," says Albuquerque Police Chief Marshall Katz, "it was a solid move on the part of the flight attendant to take custody of the child. It neutralized the situation. It calmed everybody down."

Aviation police returned the child to her parents after speaking to the couple, the flight attendant and other witnesses. The parents were not cited.

Katz says authorities felt it was an isolated incident - but authorities will check on the child again in two weeks.