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Last Updated Mar 17, 2010 4:01 AM EDT


Hugh Bradlow

Hugh Bradlow

(Episode 457; 15 minutes 03) We keep hearing about the need for faster and faster internet connections, but what type of innovative services will benefit from higher broadband speeds?

Telstra has just announced the winners of an external research and development program, in which they help five organisations to develop their ideas and put them into practice. Each submission (and there were 220 of them) needed to be reliant on Telstra's network and technology products.

On today's BTalk Dr Hugh Bradlow, Telstra's Chief Technology Officer, talks through the first five chosen winners of the program.

  • 1. Neural Diagnostics - mental health diagnostics

  • 2. Taggle Systems - asset tracking

  • 3. Dev Audio - a conferencing microphone

  • 4. Quintessence Labs - encryption technology

  • 5. LaTrobe University - rehabilitation project

Read more about the Telstra Research and Development Program here.

NOTE: During the interview Hugh Bradlow refers to Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. Obviously I knew what he was talking about, but if you want to read up about it visit Wikipedia.