Firemen Save Pup Stuck In Bucket

In stories like Winnie the Pooh, a furry animal with its head stuck in a container is something to laugh about. But, in real life, it's no joke.

For Shadow the dog, it meant a very uncomfortable afternoon, a bath in motor oil, and an encounter with the local fire department.

It all began because the black Labrador retriever was thirsty, but he found no water in his usual drinking place. So he went after some rain water that had gathered in the bottom of an antique milk bucket, and promptly got stuck.

Shadow's owners, a family in Bloomington, Calif., attempted to free their pet, even greasing his neck with motor oil and trying to pull the bucket off his head. In the end, they had to call the fire department, which used the jaws of life to free Shadow at last.

KCBS-TV reporter Jaie Avila tells more about the dog in the bucket, above.

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