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Find Out if a Prospect Can Buy... in 10 Seconds

I just received an email from Andrea Sittig-Rolf, one of my favorite sales trainers. She's smart, she's beautiful, and she knows more about selling than I'll ever know. Anyway... she pointed out something that never occurred to me, but which ought to be obvious:

If a prospect is hiring, they've got money to buy things.
Makes sense, eh? Companies only hire when they've got money to pay for people and they only hire when they're planning to expand. That means that there is money on the table.

So the quickest way to find out whether or not a company has the money to buy is to check the job listings on the website. If a bunch of new listing have appeared, that company has money to spend. Easy, eh?

Now, that doesn't mean that getting some of that money is going to be easy. Every company has priorities and what you've got to offer might not YET be a high priority.

You'll need to get into the account, figure out the players, show the financial impact of NOT buying, etc, in order to raise the priority level above that of the money they're planning on spending on new personnel.

But at least you'll know that you're not barking up the wrong tree.


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