Financial Crisis Fuels Employee Restlessness

Last Updated Oct 14, 2008 7:08 AM EDT

Economic upheaval is fuelling restlessness among employees, says Glenda Stone, who runs marketing and diversity specialist Aurora.

Employees are becoming more discerning generally, says Stone, and redundancies are making people reconsider their career choices.

Just as employers claim they wouldn't necessarily re-hire staff they currently employ, employees aren't too sure they want to go running back to their old job.

"Economic turmoil is making everyone go through a 'midlife crisis', whatever their age. Everything's shaky, nothing's certain. And people feel life's too short to waste on a job they don' t want," says Stone.

What does that mean for employers? It means businesses need to get better at telling their stories -- selling their corporate culture and career prospects to potential new hires. Reinvention and innovation are at their height, believes Stone, despite (or because of) the financial crisis.