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Fido's Christmas List

Just like people, you have to figure out your pets' personalities to give them an appropriate gift. Karen Gould of joined The Saturday Early Show to help with that last minute shopping for your pet.

For pets that like the holidays you can get them Christmas wear. Try a glitter collar or a snowflake sweater. You even can get your urban pet a leather biker jacket and matching hat.

And, for the glamorous pet, buy a jaguar print Fido fleece with matching booties which will go well with a matching faux fur bed.

But if your pet isn't fashion conscious, there are gifts for a variety of other pets:

  • The traveling pet will like the Cat's Meow Luggage. It contains bowls, toys and treats and the detachable cover turns into a litter box.
  • The pampered pet will want spearmint or peppermint breath bones to make sure they smell their best.
  • The gadget pet can get the Deli Dome which you fill with food and when you go out it will play a recording of your voice every few hours and at the same time it will spit out a ball filled with food that your pet can play with and open so it won't get bored while you are away.
  • Finally, for the active pet and owner, get a hands-free leash which is worn around the owner's waste.
You can find these and other presents at the

Another great gift for owners is a master painting of their pet. People send in photos of their pets with instructions such as "My cat's ears are fluffier than they are in the photo. Please make them fluffier."

The painting costs $85 dollars. It takes a few weeks to make so even though you can't get it time for Christmas, it is an interesting gift idea for future occasions. It is available from Neiman Marcus at 1-800-Neimans.

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