Feherty: Tiger Woods can win Masters

(CBS News) If Tiger Woods is on his game, he can win the Masters in April, David Feherty of CBS Sports, said Wednesday on "CBS This Morning."

"Tiger is back. (He's) very, very close to being in the here and now, and that's when you create the sort of bandwidth in which you can do the things that only Tiger would," Feherty said. "... So, if he's there, everybody else forget it."

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Feherty, who has had a busy career as a pro golfer and an outspoken commentator, is now the host of a hit TV talk show on the Golf Channel called "Feherty."

When asked about Woods' swing, Feherty said it hasn't changed since he was 3 years old on "The Mike Douglas Show."

"He can play with anything. It's between (his ears) and how quiet it is in there," Feherty said. "He's had a head full of slamming doors for the last two-and-a-half years. And he's happy again."

For more with Feherty on "CBS This Morning" about his own, very public struggles - which include alcoholism, addiction, and mental illness - watch the video in the player above. Tony Robbins joined him for on the show's set for his interview.