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Fed Focus On Ramirez Spouse

Federal investigators Thursday are trying to convince the common-law wife of suspected serial killer Rafael Resendez-Ramirez to publicly ask that he turn himself in, reports CBS Affiliate KHOU-TV.

The alleged killerÂ's common-law wife in Mexico has given authorities more than 90 pieces of jewelry he sent her.

So far, 13 pieces have been tied to a 23-year-old Houston schoolteacher—one of the people Resendez-Ramirez is suspected of killing.

"The FBI and the task force continue our efforts to get this person apprehended," said FBI Special Agent Don Clark.

Meanwhile, Houston director of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Richard Cravener encouraged people to come forward with information about the suspect.

The rail-hopping drifter has been charged in three murders—two in Illinois and one in Kentucky. He's linked to five others.

Despite dozens of reported sightings, Resendez-Ramirez has managed to avoid being captured for almost two months.