Father, Missing Daughter Reportedly Seen

Side by side photos of Reigh Storrow Boss and Clark Rockefeller released by the Boston Police Department.
Boston Police
Boston police dismissed several witness reports on Friday that a high-society man who allegedly abducted his 7-year-old daughter was spotted in the Caribbean the day before.

Employees at an auto store and at a convenience store said they recognized Clark Rockefeller and his daughter Reigh Boss from photos as the people they helped the day before, Turks and Caicos Sgt. Calvin Chase said Friday.

But the sightings were investigated and found not to be credible, Boston Police spokesman Eddy Chrispin said.

"It definitely was not him," Chrispin said.

Rockefeller and his daughter were last seen at New York City's Grand Central Terminal on Sunday, hours after he allegedly ran off with her during a supervised visit. The girl has been living in London with her mother.

Police initially suspected Rockefeller was trying to flee to Bermuda or Peru on a yacht docked in Long Island. But authorities say he may have planted false clues to throw off investigators. Many other reported sightings have been made, but none have panned out.

The mother of a 7-year-old allegedly kidnapped from Boston by her father issued an Internet video Thursday pleading for the girl's safe return.

Sandra Boss asked Rockefeller, her ex-husband, to return their daughter who goes by the nickname "Snooks." In the video, released by the Boston Police Department, Boss told Rockefeller that there must be a better way to deal with their differences.

"We both love her dearly and have only her best interests and well-being at heart," Boss said. "I ask you now, please, please bring Snooks back. There has to be a better way for us to solve our differences than this way."

Boss also addressed her daughter.

"I love you, I miss you so much. And remember you're always a princess," Boss said.

Boss' YouTube plea to Clark comes hours after reports that he may have changed his and Reigh's appearance while on the run, Kate Merrill of WBZ reported on CBS' The Early Show. He may have dyed his hair an orangey red and cut Reigh's hair to look like a boy.

Officials have been trying to sort through a wave of tips. Investigators have followed up on reports that Reigh was seen on a bus in Brooklyn and a highway in Delaware. So far, police say none of those reports panned out.

The couple divorced last year. Rockefeller's visit with his daughter Sunday in Boston was the first time he had seen the girl since a new visitation order was approved several months ago. Reigh lives in London with her mother, a senior partner in the London office of the management consulting firm McKinsey & Co.

During their 12-year marriage, the couple lived in Boston and also had a home in Cornish, N.H.